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Weighted Blanket Benefits

Our Bamboo and Minky weighted blankets have several benefits making them a popular choice for various individuals. The weighted blanket has a profoundly calming effect on the mind and body, resulting in decreased anxiety and stress levels.

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Environmentally Friendly

We are a co-friendly, Australian owned business specialising in creating weighted blankets in Australia. At Woosah we are committed to sustaining our environment for a better future.

Designed in Australia

Woosah blankets put your comfort in the forefront. Our weighted blankets are interchangeable removable covers, featuring an exclusive One zip design™ for maximum comfort.

Premium Quality

Your customer satisfaction, happiness and mental wellbeing matter. Therefore, at Woosah, we only utilise the most premium quality materials in our designs.

Deep Pressure Stimulation Therapy

Studies have shown that weighted blankets offer similar benefits to deep pressure therapy, and for many, weighted blankets have since led to be a routine part of stress relief and healthy sleep habits- and for a good reason.

Deep pressure stimulation uses consistent pressure to relax the nervous system- similar to the experience of being held or hugged. Deep pressure stimulation can promote the following benefits:

Relieve the perception of pain
Reduce symptoms of anxiety
Improve sleep quality
Relieve symptoms of depression

Luckily, pressure therapy doesn't always have to be completely hands-on. Experience the same comfort of a hug with a Woosah blanket wrapped around the body!

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At Woosah Blankets our weighted blankets comes in a Bamboo or Minky cover. So how do you you know which cover is right for you?

Bamboo fabric is known for being soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking which makes it perfect for those who are hot sleepers and will help you stay sweat free.
During warmer weather this fabric will feel fresh while also providing warmth during a chilly day or night.

Our Minky covers are thick, soft, cuddly, smooth while maintaining a lightweight feel. This design provides the user with a cloudlike softness made to offer the user with a plushy comfort feeling and keeping the user warm. Minky is perfect for those who want to keep themselves feeling snuggly warm during chilly days or nights. 

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