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At Woosah Blankets, we firmly believe in the power of giving because we understand the profound interconnectedness of well-being, so we've partnered up with i=Change. Spread warmth, spread kindness. With every Wooosah blanket purchase, we will donate $1 to the charity you choose. Simply pick your charity and checkout. Track your impact in real-time. Our mission is rooted in the conviction that everyone deserves to experience comfort and relief, both physically and mentally. Weighted blankets play a pivotal role in fostering this well-being by offering tangible benefits that alleviate anxiety and promote overall health. Together, let's make every purchase count! 

Mentoring Our Youth

50% of all mental health disorders begin by age 14, often with lifelong impact.
Adolescence is a complex time with so much change, physical and emotional. At Raise,
we can't stop change, but we can help young people cope with it.

The Raise Youth Mentoring Program provides an evidence based, early intervention
mentoring strategy for young people, typically aged 13-14, in high schools with trained and
trusted independent adults. We train volunteers and match them with teenagers who
would benefit the most from an independent, caring adult who is there to listen, and be
there just for them. Our proven best practise, school-based program delivers positive and
lasting change, empowering our young people, especially those underserved, to be
resilient, connected and hopeful for the future.

The Program has seen over 10,900 young people and over 7,200 volunteer mentors
personally and collective benefit, creating thriving communities since inception in 2008.

Create a Safe Home

When women in crisis access social housing with their children, they often have few possessions and limited capacity to furnish a new home.

ReLove’s Free Store is full of great quality furniture and homewares rescued from the community, and from companies excess stock. Our Free Store is a safe environment where people can shop with dignity, to choose how to furnish their homes.

We also provide Home Starter Kits with bed linen that is new, welcoming and cosy, as well as kitchen sets for families to cook meals at home.

A safe place to call home provides stability and security for families so they begin their healing journey, and enhance their prospects of recovery, employment and independence.

End Violence against women

In the highlands of PNG, up to 93% women experience violence regularly - even on a daily basis. Sexual harassment is also extremely common in markets, where women's ability to do business is crucial for the strength of their communities. When women are safe from violence, entire communities and economies flourish.

UN Women is working to meet the needs of women, train male community leaders to understand and communicate that violence against women is a crime, and provide skills training so women can earn an income and support their families.


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